5 Ways to Encourage Creativity Through Play

Creativity is on the decline, and the reduction of free play is at least partly to blame. According to American psychologist, Peter Gray, free play has declined sharply over the last century, and with it the mental health of children and adolescents has also declined.

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Taming Your Toddler with Chores?

I’ve noticed whenever I’m busy running around making breakfast, lunch or dinner, my toddler seems to be increasingly needy and wants all of my attention. When I explain, “mommy will play after dinner is ready or the kitchen is cleaned up,” she just pleads harder and acts out her frustration. 

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National Day Of Unplugging

Is technology a good thing or a bad thing when it comes to raising our kids?

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How to Get Kids Excited about Reading

Getting Kids Excited About Reading

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Brilliant Parenting: Encouraging Positive Behaviors in Others

Guiding your child to behave in a positive manner is as easy as 1,2,3...

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Alaska's Dog Heroes

Dogs really are a person’s best friend in Alaska...

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Shopping with Children: How to Avoid a Meltdown

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to find a babysitter or you’ve got to run a few impromptu errands, which mean that your kids will be joining you on the shopping excursion...

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After school activities: a developmental psychology perspective

As children develop and grow up, different aspects of their physical, psychological, emotional and social functioning needs development. This has been researched by cognitive psychologists, which also use the findings to develop various types of therapies for children...

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Old-fashioned Ways to Raise Creative Children

Your imagination as a parent is what will help your child develop their own imagination. When you create an environment for exploring the world, you are giving your child an opportunity to use their mind.

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10 Ways to Support Your Child In School

When we think about how to help children through school, the first things that come to mind are: checking their homework, having pencils, pens, and paper, and getting them to school...

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