8 Ways to Get Ready for Kindergarten

Is your child ready to take the first step on his academic ladder?  While it’s true that many kindergartens have become more academically rigorous than previous generations, the good news is that the skills he will need to acclimate and thrive haven’t changed much.

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Top 5 Behaviors That Cause Parents to Lose Their Cool: #3 Not Listening

I have been counting down the top 5 behaviors that cause parents to lose it. In case you missed it, I have already written about back talk and tantrums. Today, I am addressing number 3 on the list – not listening.

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Better Sleep, Smarter Kids?

No doubt about it: sleep does a growing body good. Teachers have long noted that well-rested children seem more energetic and are better able to pay attention. And any mom or dad knows that skipping just one nap can throw a kid off-kilter for days.

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Top 5 Behaviors That Cause Parents to Lose Their Cool: #4 Tantrums

This is part 2 in my 5-part series of the most troublesome behaviors parents lose their cool over. Last time, I discussed the fifth behavior on the list, back talk. Today, I will cover the fourth most bothersome behavior, tantrums.

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Retooling Summertime Sleep Routines

Ah, summertime: it’s a season tailor-made for casting off strict schedules and relaxing the rules, just a bit. Chasing fireflies, telling stories around a campfire, loading up on sugary sweets at a slumber party...

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Top 5 Behaviors That Cause Parents to Lose Their Cool: #5 Back Talk

I recently surveyed a group of over 7,000 parents and asked which of their children's behaviors grated on their nerves the most. In this 5-part series, I will discuss these 5 troublesome behaviors individually and offer positive parenting tips to manage them. I will begin at number 5 and work my way up to the behavior most parents deem the worst.

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Making the Decision to Homeschool

Are you thinking about homeschooling your child? If so, I know that making the decision to homeschool can feel overwhelming and even alarming.

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Preschool Must-Haves

Are you ready for Preschool? Here is a list of Must-Haves for every Pre-K student.

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Can’t Get Your Kid To Eat? Make Mealtime a Fun Activity

Make mealtime a fun activity! Get your child involved with stories, activities and simple recipes that will whet their appetite.

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Mean Girls: How to Handle Them

Cynthia is a 9-year-old brunette with wide eyes and a nose that crinkles when she smiles.  She likes to wear headbands and enjoys soccer. There are no marks on her as far as I can see that would make her a target for bullying.

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