Halloween Pudding Cups



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These are an easy, yet creative recipe that you and the kids can work on together. Whether you are making a few for the house or for an entire class at school, team up to make the process go smoothly!


  • Pudding Mix
  • Oreo Cookies
  • Food Coloring

 Full Tutorial is available at!

Fun Tips:

Have the kids or an artistic family member draw all the faces on the cups with a black permanent marker. You can choose to make some with green food coloring as pictured or if you want to make a variety of “monsters” you can use as many colors as you like.

Get even more creative by trying out different ingredients. A great tip is to use vanilla pudding so that the food dye is more effective.  Jello or tapioca can be substituted if your kids do not quite love pudding.

If you are looking for healthier alternatives, don’t be afraid to experiment! Use your favorite green smoothie recipe to fill the cups or use Greek yogurt. If Oreos aren’t your favorite, you can use any other chocolate cookie or wafer. Try granola or chopped nuts to top them or even mix them in! Let your imagination and taste buds inspire you.

Read more at Natalie's Blog at for tons of great recipes and fun DIY craft projects!

Posted on Oct 07, 2014

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