Ghostly Bananas and Pumpkin Cuties

Halloween is an exciting time for kids and the young at heart. Have fun and treat your kids to these healthy snacks to get them into the Halloween Spirit!

Peeled Mandarin Oranges
Celery (or any green veggie you like)
Peeled Bananas
Chocolate Chips or Chocolate Syrup
Lollipop Sticks

Banana Ghosts can be made quickly and taste so good! Take a banana and cut it in half. Each half makes a ghost body. Make eyes and mouths with chocolate chips, or chocolate syrup. If chocoalate is not your thing, try using raisens or dried cranberries. For a fun “lolly ghost” you can add sticks for easy eating.

Pumpkin Cuties are just Mandarin oranges! They are easy to peel and are seedless. For the stems I used sliced celery, but you could also use zucchini, green onion or chive depending on what your favorites are. Adults should do all of the cutting needed for the fruits and veggies, but don’t be afraid to let the kids make their own creations too.

Both snacks are delicious and healthy alternatives to candy and other sweets that your child’s classroom may get. Just note that if you need to make them at home, bananas will turn brown fairly quick. To stop this process, try using any citrus juice or apple juice. You can dip the slices into the juice BEFORE adding the chocolate eyes and mouth. It should be noted that citrus can change the flavor of the bananas so use it sparingly. You can also try putting juice in a small spray bottle and spritz it on the bananas. Once the treats are completed, store them in an air tight container to keep them fresh until the party!

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Posted on Oct 16, 2014

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