Sweet Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Move Over Peanut Butter!

By Gia McBride

I grew up eating several versions of this grilled cheese sandwich.  My cousins and I would make quick versions in the microwave after rounds of hide and seek.  The gooey sharp cheese perfectly complimented  by the warm sweet, jelly... oh, so good!   Move over peanut butter!

Sweet Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Makes one sandwich

2   slices of your favorite bread  (We like bagel thins for this)
1   slice of swiss cheese
     strawberry preserves

1.   Grease a hot skillet with butter.  
2.   Place both slices of bread in pan until slightly warm.  Remove one slice.
3.   Add cheese to remaining slice and allow cheese to melt slowly.  Medium to low heat.
4.   Meanwhile, spread the preserves on the other slice.  Marry the two slices.  Grill both sides for one minute.
      Enjoy immediately.

Posted on Aug 14, 2014

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