Healthy Halloween Witch's Broom Snacks


These may look a little complicated, but if you follow the steps on Catman’s Tutorial, you will be very surprised at how well they turn out! If you are looking for a healthy snack, these are great for a classroom party. Were you asked to bring the cheese and cracker tray? Use them as an appetizer to bring to your neighborhood costume party! Depending on how many you need to make, plan on taking about 1 minute per broom creation.

For 30 brooms -

  • 30 Slices of Cheese
  • 30 Pretzel sticks
  • 30 Fresh Chive, Parsley or Cilantro stems


Fun Tips:
You could also use a String Cheese stick, cut up into thirds. If you find the cheese that is half cheddar, half mozzarella you can make Witch Brooms that are multicolor, look realistic and are extra yummy! Happy Halloween Cooking!

Thank you to Manu Ruiz of Cocinando con Catman for allowing us to use his images and recipe! Check out more of his recipes at, they are available in Spanish and English!

Posted on Oct 08, 2014

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