Encouraging Your Child's Artistic Pursuits

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Artistic pursuits are often neglected in the public school system and our children suffer as a result. So it is your job as a parent to facilitate art appreciation and artistic pursuits in your children from a young age. If you’re successful, your children will have a life long love affair with culture and creativity. There are many ways to encourage your children in this area, just follow my tips below.

   1.    There are many different types of art and you should try to expose your child to as many as possible in your home. Music is any easy place to start. Offer and play a wide variety of musical selections in your home. Everything from classical, to folk to world music should be available. Encourage your children to sing and dance along. It will be a fun bonding opportunity and you’re child will learn to appreciate various musical styles.

  2.    Always have a plethora of art supplies stocked in your home. You should have a kids easel, water colors, paintbrushes, color pencils, construction paper, clay, glue and anything else you think your child would like. Encourage your child to utilize these supplies on a daily piece and take the time to create art with your child.

 3.    Expose your child to local plays and concerts. There is nothing more inspiring than seeing art performance up close and personal. Your child will be in awe and encouraged to create art on by themselves forms of art.

  4.    Allow your child to pick out an instrument they would like to play and sign them up for lessons each week.

  5.    Encourage your child in whichever area of art he or she would like to pursue. Even if you’ve always dreamed that your child would be a concert pianist, don’t fret or be upset if he or she would rather try out ballet instead. Encourage and nurture each artistic pursuit that your child picks up.

Posted on Aug 10, 2011

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