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Washi Tape Backpack Tags

We’re making backpack tags to personalize our school backpacks. These are made from a recycled cereal box, covering a square piece with the fun craft supply washi tape. It’s a no-mess craft you’re sure to love!

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High Five Card for Teacher

It’s that time of year… back to school! Let’s cheer on our teachers for this new school year by paint stamping a High Five to a Great Year card!

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Exploring Montessori with Play-dough

Why not try out the techniques of the famous Italian educators right at home, without spending a fortune on supplies? All you will need is play-dough to explore and compare the different practices.

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Goodie Gift Bag for Teacher

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Monster Pom Poms

Fun way to entertain indoors with colorful pom poms and googly eyes!

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All Natural Edible Play-Dough

All natural edible play-dough recipe.

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Arts, Crafts and Hobbies: A Life of Rewards

Arts and crafts books are the start of a new adventure for them together with the start of an essential area in your children's development...

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Kids Love Their Space to Learn and Create

In our basement is a place for our kids to learn and create. It's not a fancy space, but it's practical, spacious and kid friendly. A kids' art and craft desk, a computer just for children, a piano keyboard, a bucket of instruments, an easel, and two kids' tables with kid sized chairs fill the space. The floor underneath our "Learn and Create Space" is linoleum  

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Make This Paper Poppy Wall Art With Your Child

The easiest flowers a 4 year old can make are poppies because with these particular flowers they do not need to be perfect, so if little ones cannot cut a perfect circle then this is the perfect project for them.

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Choosing the right crafts for your kids can make or break them

The concept that kids crafts is, or should be beneficial for children is not a new one. Traditional educators have long touted the direction following and fine motor development skills that arts and crafts gives to children...

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