Pumpkin Beaded Pipe Cleaners

By Marie LeBaron

We are seeing so many different shapes and sizes of pumpkins all around our neighborhood. So we thought we’d bring some of the pumpkin fun indoors with a super simple craft for kids. We’re making cute little pumpkins with beads and pipe cleaners!


Orange and green pipe cleaners
Orange and green pony beads


1. Place orange pony beads onto your orange pipe cleaner, leaving about ½ inch on either side. Twist the two ends together to form a circle. Bend your beaded pipe cleaner into a pumpkin shape.

2. Cut a 3 inch green pipe cleaner piece and fold it around your pumpkin between the orange beads. Twist the green ends together.

3. Add green beads onto the green pipe cleaner to form the pumpkin’s stem. Bend the very end of the green pipe cleaner down so the beads won’t fall off.

Now your cute pumpkins are ready to play with or use them to decorate around the house. Have fun this fall!

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Marie LeBaron is the founder and managing editor of the popular parenting blog Make and Takes, and author of the book Make and Takes for Kids. She’s a mother of 3 living in Seattle. There’s always some sort of project going on in her home, her kitchen table is often cluttered with crafts. When she’s not crafting and creating with her kids, she loves to read, crochet, and blog!

Posted on Oct 09, 2014

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