Crafty Family Halloween Costume Ideas

By Jennifer McLaughlin

It's almost Halloween time, but have no fear! Even if you haven't gotten started yet, you still have time to make a costume for the whole family. We have compiled some great DIY costumes that will be sure to be a hit at the neighborhood Halloween bash or for your fun trick-or-treating outing! Be inspired and have a blast creating these fun family-friendly costumes!

1. Despicable Me!

This hilarious movie-inspired creation submitted to  is one of our favorites. While this can be crafted using mostly thrift-shop clothing, be sure to use a little bit of creativity. According to the creator, “Gru” even shaved his head for the character!

2. Mr. and Mrs. Pacman and Ghosts!

This classic video game costume is sure to be a hit! Check out the details on the materials used on the creator’s blog at

3. Scooby-Doo and the Scooby Gang!

Scooby Dooby, Doo, Where are You? This Saturday Morning Cartoon favorite will have you and your family solving mysteries and putting smiles on faces! These DIY costumes are one of the favorites we saw on Pinterest. Go to to see how creative this mom got to make her family look like the characters!

4. Phineas and Ferb!

Full of musical comedy, this Disney cartoon is both a kid and parent favorite. The costumes were all DIY with items that can be easily found or handmade. The full list of materials is available at

5. Lego Mini-Figures Family!

These toy-inspired costumes were created with materials from the hardware and craft store. Have each person in your family choose a Lego figure that fits their personality! Costume idea found on Pinterest via

6. Mario Bros. and Friends!

Who didn’t just love this classic Nintendo Game? This family went all out, using both old and "new" characters of the game! There are several great video game ideas we saw on Pinterest, just choose your favorite one and head out to the local craft store for costume accesories!

7.  The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!

Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka, and their twins, Harper and Gideon, make the cutest Wizard of Oz cast! Although these particular costumes are not all DIY, you can easily recreate this look using household items and clothes your kids may already have! Photo via Twitter @ActuallyNPH.

8. Starbucks Family!

A coffee shop favorite, these costumes can be made using several different materials so get creative! Pick your favorite ice blended drink or go with the standard "cup a joe". Costume idea found on Pinterest via Costume

9. Bank Robbers!

Take a striped shirt, black gloves and black pants out of your closet and your family of bank robbers costume is almost complete. This can be an easy, last minute costume but still super creative depending on how you work it! Check out the blog at where we found this cute idea.

10. The Little Mermaid!

Ariel, King Triton, Ursula and Sebastian are here (yes, look at baby dressed up as a lobster!) With so many favorite characters from this classic movie, the possibilities are endless. This family’s DIY creation is too cute! See the full tutorial on!

11. May the Force Be With You!

This classic Star Wars theme is always a Halloween favorite. Head down to the fabric store to make a DIY costume for Yoda, Luke, Princess Leia and the whole gang! Inspirations and some tips are found on, where you can see how the costumes were crafted!

12. Monsters University!

The Disney/Pixar prequel has so may uniques characters you may have trouble choosing a favorite for each family member. If sewing is not your thing, fabric glue and iron on patches may work too. Check out the full tutorial by Sara @MomEndeavors!

We would love to see your creations too! Send a photo to our Editorial team (, show us the amazing costumes you put together and we’ll add your creation to our story!

Posted on Oct 03, 2014

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