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Halloween Peg Dolls: Witch and Ghost

Peg dolls are wonderful toys! As simple as a bare peg looks, with a bit of painting or sewing, they can turn into charming companions for children.

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Sparkly Glitter Skull

Looking to put a little sparkle into your Halloween décor? This fun activity requires just a little glue and LOTS of glitter + a plastic skull or bones you can find at any craft (or even dollar) store.

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Pumpkin Beaded Pipe Cleaners

We are seeing so many different shapes and sizes of pumpkins all around our neighborhood. So we thought we’d bring some of the pumpkin fun indoors with a super simple craft for kids.

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Crafty Family Halloween Costume Ideas

We have compiled some great DIY costumes that will be sure to be a hit at the neighborhood Halloween bash or for your fun trick-or-treating outing! Be inspired and have a blast creating these fun family-friendly costumes!

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Awesome Ideas for Homemade Halloween Costumes

Halloween is approaching fast but you still have time to make a costume (or a few). Here is a fun roundup of some fabulous DIY costumes!

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Autumn Leaf Art

Inspiration struck me as I was looking through the pages of book Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. I generally enjoy book illustrations, but I found the ones in this book particularly unique – all of them are beautiful leaf collages.

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Apple-Shaped Straw Buddies

With the fall season upon us, it’s time to craft up some apple projects. Today I’m happy to be sharing a fun craft for sipping on your apple cider. These apple-shaped straw buddies are great for kids to make and use every time they sip on apple juice or apple cider!

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Reggio Emilia Approach with Play-dough

We are finishing our play-dough-themed exploration of alternative educational approaches by taking a glance at the Reggio Emilia approach. While it may be less well-known than the previously discussed Montessori and Waldorf practices, many of its ideas and techniques have been integrated into other educational philosophies.

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Exploring Waldorf with Play-Dough

We set up an activity to illustrate a few basic principles of the Montessori approach. Today we are continuing the series, exploring what some alternative education systems are like.

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10 Play Invitations to Inspire Creativity

Play invitations can be simple or complex and are designed to spark curiosity and invite play. Inspire your child's creativity to blossom with these 10 Play Invitations.

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